“Steve’s interest in elevating work to a level of excellence and his use of best practices is important in today’s business environment. I value his perspective.”

Cheryl Dick – CEO, Economic Development Lethbridge

“Steve’s resume speaks for itself: he’s proven himself as an effective innovator, an entrepreneur, and an industry leader. He has real on-the-ground experience to backup his advice: Steve knows what he’s talking about." 

Derek Satnik – Managing Director and CEO, Mindscape Innovations Group - Toronto, ON

“Steve is one of the most creative and enthusiastic people I know. He has proven many times his ability to look at the big picture yet develop specific solutions.” 

Bard Golightly – COO, Christenson Group & President, Canadian Home Builders Association - Edmonton, AB

“Steve brings a high level of energy and creativity. He didn’t just deliver, he brought ideas to the table that were creative and helped us stretch beyond our original thinking.” 

Bruce Galts – President, Galko Homes - AB, MT

“Steve's creativity on market position and strategy helped companies push their boundaries and enter Blue Water. Excellent energy and vision.” 

Randy Friesen – COO, Wardell Professional Development - Vancouver, BC

“Steve is a true Idea Entrepreneur...has the courage to think outside the box and inspire others to get results.” 

Jim Admiraal – Director, Accent Architectural - Washington DC, Montreal, QC

“Steve is an energetic dynamic person whose personality enthuses and inspires the team to get ahead.” 

Gregg Sellars – Director, Lindum Packaging - Doncaster, United Kingdom

“Steve is a very effective communicator and presenter with great business insight and a wealth of experience.” 

Andrew Cole – President, Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association - Toronto, ON

“Steve is a passionate visionary who pursues goals with a relentless vigor like no other person I have ever met.” 

Daniel Scholz – Project & Engagement Manager Goodnight Consulting - Vienna, VA

“Steve is amazing to work with. He draws the best out of the team and dissects operations in great detail. Steve is one of the most creative thinkers I have come across in a long time.” 

Aleyna Sheradha - President, Stamina Rehabilitation Therapy, AB, CA

“Steve is very dynamic. He attacks any and all projects with enthusiasm and energy! He is equally personable.” 

Timothy Frantz – Manager of Business Growth, DCMS

“Steve is able to captivate and engage the audience whatever the situation. He is a natural leader with energy and enthusiasm.” 

Patty Vadnais – EO, Canadian Home Builders Association Lethbridge

“Steve is a dynamic person who is a pleasure to listen to and learn from. He has a lot of experience in the business world and is well known and respected in his community.” 

Stephanie Palecheck – General Manager, Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce

“Steve is energetic and motivating. He communicates clearly and with passion – making you want to expect more from yourself!” 

Lettie Croskery – Manager, Professional Division, Select Recruiting Solutions, AB